Clog Dance is an original composition for a proficient junior string orchestra, or for a more advanced string orchestra joined by junior players.  


The download consists of:


Violin 1

Violin 2

Violin 3

Viola (same as Violin 2)

Viola 2 (same as Violin 2


Cello 2


Clog Dance for string orchestra, David Banney

  • The pdf will be available immediately upon purchase and will remain available for 30 days following the date of purchase.


    The purchaser of this music is entitled to print the following copies:

             1 copy of the full score

             Violin 1: 8 copies

             Violin 2: 8 copies

             Violin 3: 8 copies

             Viola 1: 8 copies

             Viola 2: 8 copies

             Cellos 10 copies

             Basses: 6 copies

    If more copies are required you must purchase further sets.

    It is not legal to distribute the file electronically or to make

    electronic copies for other people.

  • The following guide is based on Colourstrings Violin curriculum equivalents:

    Violin 1: end Book D

    Violin 2: early Book F (half position - final two notes), otherwise early Book E

    Violin 3: Book A

    Violas: as for Violin 2 and 3 (NB Violin 1 could also be played on the viola)

© 2017 David Banney

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