Veracini's Largo is an exquisite, sumptious late Baroque miniature for violin and piano, here arranged for violin and strings.  It is suitable for an intermediate/advanced string orchestra.


The download consists of the following performance materials:


Solo violin

Violin 1

Violin 2




Largo for violin and strings, Francesco Veracini, arr. by David Banney

  • Upon purchase the pdf will be available immediately, and will remain available for download for 30 days from the date of purchase.

    The purchaser of this music is entitled to print the following copies:

    1 copy of the full score

    Solo Violin: 2
    Violin 1: 8 copies
    Violin 2: 8 copies

    Viola 1: 8 copies Cellos: 8 copies Basses: 6 copies

    If more copies are required you must purchase further sets.

    It is not legal to distribute the file electronically or to make electronic copies for other people.

  • Colourstrings Violin curriculum equivalents:

    All parts can be played in first position, however the violin and viola parts use finger patterns found in Book F (sharpened first and second fingers), and the style requires a sophisticated understanding of legato/portato bowings and cantabile orchestral sound.

    The solo part reaches fifth position, and is suitable for an advanced student or professional player.

© 2017 David Banney

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