Tigers and Teapots is a collection of children's songs and folk songs, arranged for unison voices and strings by David Banney. The CD is available at http://tigersandteapots.com.au/.  Tigers and Teapots, Vol. 1 contains performance materials for the following songs: My Dog - Teapot - A Rainy Day - Big Black Train - Bluebells - Bye, Bye Baby - Dinah.Each purchaser receives a copyright license that allows for unlimited copying for orchestras and performances in which the purchaser is directly involved.  Except for longer songs, individual instrumental parts (e.g. Violin 1, Violin 2) are not provided. Instead, children read from the score – this introduces young musicians to the concept of score reading, and allows for greater flexibility in rehearsals, where for example, the whole orchestra may be invited to play the Cello or Violin 1 part before learning their own parts. 

Tigers and Teapots Vol. 1 (performance materials)

  • Upon purchasing the music you will be able to download the file (pdf) immediately.  You may print copies according to the numbers specified in the license for each score.  It is not legal to distribute the file electronically or to make electronic copies for other people.  The license for this product allows the following copies to be made:


    1.The purchaser of this music is entitled make copies of this music as follows: i. If the purchaser is an individual, a reasonable number of copies may be

    made to facilitate rehearsals and performances with which they are directly involved;

    ii. If the purchaser is an organisation or institution, a reasonable number of copies may be made to facilitate rehearsals and performances by students or members of their organisation/institution.

    2. It is not permissible to:
    i. make copies for use by a third party for rehearsals/performances/events

    with which the purchaser is not involved;
    ii. distribute the digital file of this music to any other party, by any means,

    including email, file-sharing, or sharing on a memory device.

© 2017 David Banney

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