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This engaging volume follows Scales Volumes 1 and 2, and Arpeggios Volume 1. Two-octave arpeggios are introduced, using chords I, IV and V7 in major keys, and chords i, iv and v7 in minor keys. Next, the diminished seventh is introduced, and finally the arpeggios are played in sequence.

Arpeggios are important technical exercises for violinists, but to be really useful it is vital that students understand the role of chords and arpeggios in repertoire. For this reason, musical examples are given for analysis and performance. Students should be encouraged to use the arpeggios to improvise harmonies in these examples.

Fingerings are left to the discretion of teachers – it is suggested that students become familiar with a variety of possible fingerings.

Arpeggios for the Violin Vol. 2 - Two Octaves

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