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Music for Young Players -
Chamber Music

Violin Duos

Two violins

A collection of 16 duos for young violinists. The first violin part is graded from easier to harder through the book, with a second violin part for a more advanced player or teacher. 


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Fugues for String Trio

String trio (vln, vla, cello)


Seven short, three-voice fugues in the keys of A, b min, C, D, e min, F and G. 

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The B Book (String Orchestra)

String Orchestra (or chamber ensemble - variable numbers)

A collection of works suitable for early intermediate orchestra of short works by composers whose names start with the letter B, from Byrd in the Renaissance to Bartok and Banney in the twentieth and twenty-first century. 

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Trios Galore

Three violins

A diverse collection of trios for young violinists. Each trio has parts for a variety of ability levels, from very early to early intermediate (Colourstrings Books B to E).

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Overture in G

String orchestra or quartet


A five-movement work in the style of the Baroque overture or suite, suitable for early intermediate students. All parts can be played in first position.


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Trio à la Haydn

String Trio

For viola players, the string trio repertoire is often either dull, or ridiculously difficult, or both. This Trio shares interesting material between all the parts, and is an ideal introduction to Classical chamber music for advanced intermediate players. 

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Sonata Imitazione

Two violins, keyboard, optional cello continuo


A five-movement sonata that introduces young musicians to the delights of canonic and fugal writing, including canons at the 2nd and the 5th, a retrograde canon, and a four-voice fugue. Suitable for advanced intermediate students, both violin parts are of equal difficulty.

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Contredances for String Trio

String trio 

The Contredance was one of the most popular dance forms of the eighteenth century, and this collection for intermediate string trio introduces the form in a range of keys and moods, following the style of Mozart and Haydn.

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Sinfonia à la Leopold

String orchestra/quartet

A three-movement work in the style of early classical composers, suitable for intermediate orchestra.

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