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Guide for Colourstrings Teachers

Many of these pieces as well as the technical material have been created with Colourstrings violin teaching in mind. Here is a guide to linking the Colourstrings Violin Books with this material. 

The material is divided into categories - please note that much of the chamber music is suitable for orchestra and vice versa. 


Book A

Trios Galore - the early trios in the Book include parts designed for Book A students.

Book B

Violin and piano

First Suite - uses Book B finger patterns

Chamber music

Trios Galore

Violin Duos - early duos in the collection use Book B finger patterns.

Book C

Violin and piano

Second Suite - uses Book C finger patterns, scales and rhythms

Sonatina Pentatonica - late Book C

Chamber music

Trios Galore

Violin Duos

String orchestra

The Parting Glass - third violin/viola part

Five English Folksongs - third violin part

Suite on Australian Folksongs - third violin part

La Folia II - third violin part

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