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This volume is designed to introduce violinists to modulation between keys, using the simplest and most frequently encountered modulations: relative minor/major, tonic and dominant. The first section deals with modulation between relative major and minor, systematically examining all keys up to four flats and sharps. The relative major and minor scales should be thought of differnet modes within one zone, sharing the same key signature. This relationship is represented by a house, in which do (home for the major major scale) lives in an upper bedroom and la (home for the minojr scale) lives in a lower one. In between is ti, and immediately below is si (sharpened so) - it is important to realise that it is the sharpened so that directs the ear to hear la as ‘home’, transforming the landscape from major to minor. Each page begins with scales, followed by excerpts to be analysed and performed, and a short composition task.

The second section introduces modulation between tonic and dominant. Tonic and dominant are represented as two houses - one is ‘home’ and the other is ‘home away from home’. The relative major and minor have rooms in each house - it is important to realise, for example, that a modulation from G major to b minor is, in a sense, a modulation from tonic to ‘dominant’.

The final section introduces more challenging examples, and briefly examines some common strategies used by composers in effecting modulations.

The book is aimed to be as brief as possible, introducing important ideas that should then be studied in any repertoire that the student learns. It is important that trhe students are encouraged to feel the emotional effect of these modulations, and to bring out the drama in their playing.


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    Musical Families. A violinist’s introduction to modulation between major, minor,

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