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Three violins 

All players read from the score

pdf available for immediate download after purchase


As a violin teacher and conductor working with many young players at a variety of stages and abilities, both in technique and reading, I had one aim in creating this collection - produce a book that would have enough material to last forever! Each trio has vioiln parts that cover a range of abilities, allowing younger and older players to work together. As younger players develop, they not only progress through the book, but from easier parts within a given trio to harder parts, returning to well-known pieces as leaders. The trios map onto the Colourstrings violin curriculum, from Book A to Book E, as well as Yellow Pages Vol. 1. In some trios the easiest part is the first violin part, while in others it is the third violin. It is a collection designed for fun, and suitable for chamber groups or larger ensembles. In addition, many of the trios work well as duos, judiciciously leaving out one of the parts.


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    Trios Galore (violins)

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