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Two solo violins, string orchestra

Download contains score and parts

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The bereaved, perhaps, give most:

Grief for those whose pain has ended

Born alone, to protect us all.


It is difficult to imagine any creative act of 2020 that is not in some way influenced by the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having been invited to write a piece for the wonderful violinists Susan Collins and Doreen Cummings, the piece had its genesis in terrible news that I received the night before I began to compose it - the news that a close friend had lost a cousin to the virus in Italy, and that both of his parents, living in England, were also infected. Within days, his father succumbed to the illness, and this piece is a memorial to those have died, and an offering to the millions who left behind.


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    In Memoriam PM (Two Violins and String Orchestra)

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